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Influencer marketing on steroids

Millions of social media micro influencers are ready to try your product and share an authentic story about your brand on social media

Meet micro influencers
Micro influencer marketing

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micro influencers

Micro influencers – the most trusted social media users

Social media micro influencers are followed by people of similar interests, family and friends. While the followers of micro influencers may be 10,000 or less, the content they create is more authentic, engaging and believable when compared to branded or celebrity content.

They love to try new products and share their honest opinion with their followers.

How we run micro influencer marketing campaigns

Find micro influencers

Find and manage

We find and manage social media micro influencers who match your target audience. They try your products and share authentic photos / videos with their followers.

Publish micro influencer generated content

Collect and publish

We collect social micro influencer posts and enable you to publish it across your marketing channels (Facebook Ads, Landing pages etc.) to increase In-store / On-line sales.

Optimize micro influencer marketing campaign

Track and optimize

We track the performance of each social media influencer post, so you always know which content generates the best engagement and ROI.

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